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                   WHAT I OFFER

          Within my counselling service, I offer a safe, calm, relaxed and confidential environment, where your thoughts and feelings can be explored concerning past or present issues.

I work in a Humanistic way and my approach is warm and caring. It is also client led. This means that we will work together on the issues that you choose to bring to the session each time.

I believe that the relationship between counsellor and client plays an important role in the success of the therapy. Therefore, I would be working at establishing a good rapport and building up trust in the relationship between us. I would do this by being Empathic and actively listening to everything you say, in order to demonstrate a deep understanding of your personal experience. This, in turn, validates your unique experience, and allows you to feel that you are truly heard. I will also accept and value you positively as an individual person. In addition, I will strive to relate to you in a real, genuine and open way.

I am aware that some people have difficulty in talking about their problems and expressing themselves. Therefore, I also offer the option of working creatively as being another avenue in which you can connect with your inner most thoughts and feelings. This could involve working with a wide variety of art materials, stones or sandtray. You do not need to be a brilliant artist in order to work in this manner, as there is no right or wrong method of doing this. Working creatively can bring unconscious feelings to a conscious level in the form of an image or a symbol, which can then be explored. This way of working can be an effective and powerful tool, and the whole process can be incredibly healing and carthartic.