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Client Feedback:-

"I was initially nervous, but soon felt at ease. My problems seemed so huge and almost insurmountable, but you were kind, considerate, and helped me understand the counselling process, or journey as I now know it. The facilities are excellent, very private, relaxing and comfortable. On a scale of feeling good about myself, I have gone from a 2 to an 8 out of 10."


"I have regained a lot of the confidence that I lost over the years and feel a more balanced person, who is now able to focus more on the positives in my life rather than the negatives. I am now able to walk away, knowing that all of the things that I have learnt and put into place, will help me in the future. I cannot recommend my counsellor highly enough."


"I found being able to offload my feelings very helpful, because they had built up over a longer period of time than I had realised. I found learning different coping strategies, such as calm breathing and taking care of myself, to be very beneficial. I now feel much more in control, much more back to my old self, but with a few subtle changes. I now feel happy to move on with my life."


"I am more relaxed, happier, and back to my normal self. Before, I was pretending and putting on an act to be the person I used to be - now I am back to that original person! I feel that I am back on my feet again, and feel able to do it on my own."


"You explained clearly how you worked, made me feel relaxed and willing to talk, so I was happy to come back. I feel a lot stronger, more self-aware, and more able to cope. I feel that I have really made progress with my issues."


"I have a much greater understanding of myself and the root of my difficulties, which helps me to overcome them where possible and to accept the situation when not. I feel much more positive, and can see a way forward."


"Easy to talk to, very friendly, put me completely at ease - a relief knowing that I could talk to you freely. I am a totally different person - I actually do have a life and an enjoyable one. I am more confident, more assertive, and I really love being me."


"The counselling worked really well for me. I found reflecting back very helpful, and when I stalled you offered working with the sandtray and art therapy, explaining clearly how it works. You also made the process manageable by breaking it down into smaller pieces - isolating something significant and exploring it. I am hugely different, feeling calmer in my head, and much more equipped to cope."


"Image therapy has helped me to open up my emotions, and I found the Inner Child work was very beneficial. I am now in a happy and stable place."


"It has been the best experience of therapy I have ever had. I will take our work with me wherever and whatever I go on to do! Feeling much stronger and more self-aware, self-esteem intact and tools for life."


"It was a good/relaxed experience, despite being anxious about coming along - you made it easy for me to open up! I am feeling a lot better, a lot happier, and more content within myself."


"Really liked the way the counselling was structured - learn it first, once you have got more understanding and awareness, then you can move forward. Tailored to what I needed and flexible. I am now much happier more confident, more relaxed, less stressed, and my communication has improved."


"During the initial few sessions, we were so unhappy and unable to communicate that we had separated. However, over time we have been able to work together to resolve our problems as a couple but, more than that, we have developed as individuals too! We have been guided by Karen in learning skills of communication, how to be in an effective relationship, and given the tools to continue this work in the future."


"The biggest thing for me was not being judged. This helped me to communicate more effectively - I had someone willing to listen to me! I now feel a lot more confident and, at long last, I am being honest and truthful! I feel that I have overcome the problems I came to you with."