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                   COUPLES COUNSELLING

         My role is as a facilitator to help couples to explore their own thoughts and feelings in relation to any issues, conflicts, misunderstandings and miscommunication, that they may be facing in the relationship between them. During the session, couples will have the opportunity to take turns in actively listening to the other partner speaking, and expressing his/her feelings about a particular situation - the aim being to "feel heard and understood by your partner". Once the couple have gained more of a mutual understanding about what is occurring in their relationship, they can then explore ways of negotiating their differences, and find more effective ways of communication, as a way of moving forward.

Aims of Counselling:-

  • Improving communication together, both on an emotional and a pratical level.
  • Improving your ability to negotiate and compromise more successfully.
  • Better acceptance of your own personal boundaries and individual responsibility.
  • Greater ability to respond in a more flexible and tolerant way in the relationship.